Net Control Assistant

Version 1.1
MobilesShortsEcholink / AllStarRegulars
Station Indentification Reminder


Good morning everyone, welcome to the Knobby Knee Net! This is [CALLSIGN]. My name is [NAME] and I'm located in [TOWN], Arizona. I'll be your net control operator this day. The Knobby Knee Net meets every day at 7:00 AM Mountain Standard Time, right here on the Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association’s 2-meter repeater located on Mingus Mountain, transmitting on a frequency of 147.220 Mhz. Use a positive offset with a PL Tone of 162.2 Hz to access the repeater.

This net is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. If you want to learn more about our ham radio club, check out our website at VVARA.ORG. That’s victor victor alpha romeo alpha dot org.

You're welcome to discuss a variety of topics on the Knobby Knee Net, but we do ask that you avoid potentially controversial subjects like politics and religion. Whatever the topic, please keep all comments civil and courteous.

Our repeater has a three-minute timeout limit, so if your transmission is running long, unkey to allow the repeater to reset, like this: (break)

I will call for stations in the following order: mobile stations, followed by short time stations, then Ecolink and Allstar stations, and finally regular RF stations. When checking into the net, slowly and clearly announce your callsign. I will then go through the list and call on each of you in turn.

All stations will get two turns, except the short-timers who get just one. Please respect the flow of the net, saving any comments you have for your turn. Of course this net will break for emergency traffic, which always gets top priority.

Mobile Check-ins:

Alright, let's get started. Mobile stations, please come now:

Short-time Check-ins:

Not hearing any more mobile stations, I will now take short-time stations. These stations can only participate in the net for a "short time" due to other obligations. The price for early admission is that you get one turn only. Short-timers, come now:

Echolink / AllStar Check-ins:

I will now take stations checking in via Ecolink and Allstar. This requires an additional pause to allow these Internet-based stations to access the repeater. Ecolink and Allstar stations, please come now:

Regular Check-ins:

The time has come for regular RF stations to check-in. As always, thank you for your patience. Regulars, come now:

Hearing no more stations, it's time to say 73s. We had _ mobile(s), _ short(s), _ Echolink / AllStar check-in(s), and _ regulars, for a total of _ stations participating in today's net, which lasted a duration of _ minutes. (Evening Net Reminder).. I am now closing the Knobby Knee Net and returning this repeater to normal amateur radio operations. Everyone have a wonderful day! [CALLSIGN] signing off.