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Knobby Knee Net
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General Information

The following amateur radio nets are not a function of the VVARA club. They are independently organized and operated by local hams in the interest of community and fun. The Knobby Knee Net and the 60s Net use the VVARA 2-meter repeater located on Mingus Mountain. The T.G.I.F. Net uses the VVARA 70cm repeater located on Mingus Mountain. See the Repeaters page for more information.

Click here for a handy Net Control Operators Guide.

Knobby Knee Net

This Amateur Radio net meets daily, 365 days a year at 7:00 AM local time. One of the oldest nets in the area, the Knobby Knee Net is open to licensed Amateur Radio operators, both club members and non-club members. The Net topics vary widely and one never knows what it might be. Please join us and have some fun.

We will always break for emergency traffic no matter when it occurs.

Net Control calls for check-ins from mobiles, shorts, EchoLink, regulars and visitors in that order. Net Control will acknowledge each operator and everybody generally gets two turns to talk about what is happening in their life.

Documents to assist Net Control from WA7IGI:
Knobby Knee Net Call Sign Check In Directory
Knobby Knee Net Control Preamble
Knobby Knee Net Control Log

The 1960s Pop-Rock Music and TV Shows Net

The Northern Arizona edition of The 1960s Pop-Rock Music and TV Shows Net meets every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM local time. This project has been long in the making and hopefully will be well-received and a success for hams here in the northern part of the state. The Southern Arizona edition will continue to air weekly as it has for over 11 years. The 60s Net is open to licensed Amateur Radio operators, both club members and non-club members.

We will always break for emergency traffic no matter when it occurs.

The T.G.I.F Net (Thank Goodness It's Friday Net)

Every Friday at 6:30 PM. This is a generic type net similar to the Knobby Knee Net, but starting with a different leading question each week that everyone should be able to answer followed by each participant providing general comments on their activities for that day or week. The T.G.I.F. Net is hosted each Friday evening by John N7LQR, which many of you know from the 60's Net on Tuesday evenings. Warm up that 70cm rig and give the Friday Net a try.

Other Nets in the Area

Shamelessly copied from the YARC website

2-Meter FM – The Yavapai Amateur Radio Club 2-Meter FM net is held every Wednesday night at 1900 hours MST on 147.260+ with a PL of 103.5 Hz. All amateurs are encouraged to join in. New amateurs will find this net a good place to practice. The acting net manager for this net is Loren Singh AE7CG. Please email ae7cg@arrl.net with any net related questions or dates when you are available for net control.

UHF Repeater Net – A weekly net is held every Saturday at 9 AM on the club’s 447.650 MHz (-) 100 Hz PL repeater on Mt. Union. The net moderator is Doug Theriault (NO1D) – no1d.doug@gmail.com. The net is informal and open to any ham.

10-Meter SSB – The 10-Meter SSB net meets each Thursday night at 2000 hours MST. The net operates upper sideband on 28.444 MHz +/- QRM. The intent is for the net to be open to anyone in the amateur radio community. The moderator for this group is Bill Noe, W7PVA.

2-Meter SSB – The 2-Meter SSB net meets on 144.250 MHz USB each Wednesday night at 2000 MST. It is a very informal net/roundtable. The net contact for this group is Tom Griswold, WN7E

220 FM "The Rag Chew Net" – The net meets on the 224.080 repeater (negative offset, PL 156.7). Net meets weekly on Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM. Our purpose is to utilize the 220 MHz band as an alternative repeater for traffic handling in case of any emergency. This is a family oriented system and only proper radio protocol will be accepted. We hope to have AllStar and EchoLink working on the repeater soon with linking between California and Colorado if we have enough interest. If you have any further questions please contact Rod KI6FH.

MMRG – 147.000 MHz (+), 162.2 Hz PL — daily, 0600 MST; round-table format with net control; no EchoLink; mobiles, shorts, regulars.

MMRG – 147.000 MHz (+), 162.2 Hz PL — Tuesday, 1930 MST; controlled net; members and guests; about 33% of the check-ins are from Maricopa County.

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