Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association
North-Central Arizona USA

Next Club Meeting

The next meeting will be another on-line Zoom meeting. Because of coronavirus concerns we will again socially distance ourselves on the internet.

Wednesday, May 19th
6:30pm Social Time
7:00pm Presentation and Business

May Program:
Art, AB7FB, will give a brief introduction to Magnetic Loop Antennas discussing how they work, efficiency considerations, as well as coupling and tuning methods. As an added bonus, Don, N7XO, is going to discuss his homebrew loops and some of his loop experiences. Don is well known for building THE most effective mag loops in Las Vegas.


Field Day

June 25th thru 27th.


Knobby Knee Net
Every Morning at 7:00AM

60s Trivia Net
Tuesday Evenings at 6:30PM

T.G.I.F. Net
Friday Evenings at 6:30PM

Art AB7FB and a magnetic loop antenna
Art AB7FB with one of his Magnetic Loop Antennas

72nd International DX Convention
May 15-16, 2021

For those that enjoy DXing, or want to learn about DXing, registration (free) is now open for the 72nd International DX Convention. This is what was previously known as the Visalia DX Convention. This year's event will be conducted via Zoom (surprise!). Sessions run from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (Arizona Time) on both May 15 and 16. Registration for this free event is open now. Go to http://dxconvention.com to register and see the program line up. There will also be some impressive door prizes awarded at two drawings each day.

ARLB011 - Updated Radio Frequency Exposure Rules
Become Effective on May 3

The new rules do not change existing RF exposure (RFE) limits but do require that stations in all services, including amateur radio, be evaluated against existing limits. More info here: http://www.arrl.org/w1aw-bulletins-archive/ARLB011/2021

RF Exposure and You

A book by Ed Hare, W1RFI, ARRL Laboratory Supervisor
RF Exposure and You
PDF file:

Squaw Peak constructio photoSquaw Peak Construction

Found in the archives. Pouring the concrete slab for the VVARA repeater shack in 2005.

Squaw Peak drone photoSquaw Peak

Matt N7YIO is a certified drone pilot. He took this photo of the Squaw Peak repeater site. Our repeater is the little shack in the bottom left corner. Camp Verde is in the upper left and the red rocks near Sedona in the top left. Click the photo for a large version.