Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association
North-Central Arizona USA

Next Club Meeting

The next meeting will be another on-line Zoom meeting. Because of coronavirus concerns we will again socially distance ourselves on the internet.

Wednesday, March 17th
6:30pm Social Time
7:00pm Presentation and Business


QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo

Saturday & Sunday, March 13-14th
Our first QSO Today Expo was a great success with over 16,000 attendees! We’re working hard to make our upcoming Expo even better with new speakers, panel discussions, kit building workshops, easy-to-use video technology to meet with exhibitors, and much more. There’s no need to travel - anybody can participate in this groundbreaking, amateur radio Expo built on a virtual reality platform.
More info:

Spring Picnic

Saturday, April 24th.
(Or it may be moved to Field Day.)
Watch this space for more info.

Field Day

June 25th thru 27th.


Knobby Knee Net
Every Morning at 7:00AM

60s Trivia Net
Tuesday Evenings at 6:30PM

T.G.I.F. Net
Friday Evenings at 6:30PM

Painting by Peggy N7DDR
Peggy Funk (1922-2021)

It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of Peggy Funk, N7DDR. Peggy was a founding member of the VVARA and talked on the radio almost every day. She had just celebrated her 99th birthday and talked on the Knobby Knee Net until just a couple days before her passing. Click on the photo above to see a gallery of her paintings. Peggy will be dearly missed. Click here for the full obituary and a place to leave your own tribute to Peggy.

W7JLC photoSDR screen capture
SDR Antennas

Discone (50 to 1200 MHz) antenna A, 1090 MHz ADSB 9 dB gain antenna B (inverted).
4 inch PVC Pipe for SDR (SDRPlay 2 Pro) enclosure. Single USB cable to shack approx 30 feet.
(Photo from Jack W7JLC)

Ham Radio Signals from Mars

Ham radio operators are doing something that until recently only big Deep Space Networks could do. They're listening to radio signals from Mars. The "loud and audible" transmissions come from spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet. Some hams are hoping to detect NASA's Perseverance rover as it touches down later this week. Find out how it's done on today's edition of Spaceweather.com.

Squaw Peak drone photoSquaw Peak

Matt N7YIO is a certified drone pilot. He took this photo of the Squaw Peak repeater site. Our repeater is the little shack in the bottom left corner. Camp Verde is in the upper left and the red rocks near Sedona in the top left. Click the photo for a large version.

National Amateur Radio Operators Day

A proposal submitted by Congresswoman Debbie Lesko before Congress to name April 18, 2021 National Amateur Radio Operators Day. Please urge your representatives to support this proposal. Read more...
ARRL Website

Dues are Due

The VVARA annual dues are $24 and are due January 1st. You are not required to be a club member to use our repeaters or attend club meetings. Your dues help the club operate and maintain two repeater sites and pay for meeting space. Please support the club by joining or renewing your membership here: