Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association
North-Central Arizona USA

Next Club Meeting

The next meeting will be another on-line Zoom meeting. We normally don't have a club meeting in December but we have decided to have a social gathering where we will again socially distance ourselves on the internet.

Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00pm


Christmas Luncheon

Unfortunately, the Christmas Luncheon has been canceled for this year. We are talking about the possibility of a Spring picnic on Saturday, April 17th.


Knobby Knee Net
Every Morning at 7:00AM

60s Trivia Net
Tuesday Evenings at 6:30PM

T.G.I.F. Net
Friday Evenings at 6:30PM

28 New VVARA Members So Far in 2020

Chris Reinhardt KJ7NOH
Robert Zimmerli KD7SXH
David Passell K6UWV
Rick Baskin AG7ZP
Cathy Di Pinto KC7POZ
Nick Di Pinto W7HHH
Chuck Harley KJ7NGP
Larry Johnston KJ7GTY
William Birdsong KJ7PJN
Timothy McDougal W7TMX
Larry deMontegre WQ6V
Warren Holm KN6IG
Steve Cabral W7CL
Hank Welch W6HTW
Judy Welch KJ6NIM
Terrie Lazarus WH7AZ
Romn Paras KJ7NWG
Tammy Spetz WA8WZX
Dave Olivera KJ7JLL
Phillip Reay KJ7PGS
Matt Borja KE7INI
Michael Kollwitz KJ7PGR
Ron Rosson N6XT
Brian Cole KG7OG
Tim Sullivan AC7TB
Justin Beams KD9ONL
Alan Lamon KC7CXN
Ann Lamon KC7CXM

National Amateur Radio Operators Day

A proposal submitted by Congresswoman Debbie Lesko before Congress to name April 18, 2021 National Amateur Radio Operators Day. Please urge your representatives to support this proposal. Read more...

The M17 Project

“The goal here should be to kick the proprietary protocols off the airwaves, replace DMR, Fusion, D-Star, etc. To do that, it’s not just good enough to be open, it has to be legitimately competitive.” Read more...

New Ham Radio Onboard The ISS Is On The Air

The InterOperable Radio System (IORS) replaces an ancient Ericsson radio system and packet module that were certified for spaceflight over two decades ago. The 5 watt HT that was aboard the ISS was getting worn out after many years of use. The Ericsson radio looks like something from a 1990s episode of Cops. Read more...

FCC proposes new fees for ham radio

Discussion on QRZ about a proposal to begin charging $50 for an amateur radio license.
Let your voice be heard. Send your comments to the FCC.

Become a Member of the VVARA

Your dues of $24 per year help us operate and maintain our repeaters on Mingus Mountain and Squaw Peak in Yavapai County, Arizona. See the Membership page to join or renew your membership.